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The Market of Fleas

13 Mar

The San Telmo Antique fair has become a top destination on the sightseeing circuit, with tourists flooding the cobblestone streets converting the barrio into English speaking central.  While the Mercado de las Pulgas (Dorrego y Niceto Vega) doesn’t get nearly as much hype, this Palermo-Colegiales treasure chest makes for a solid alternative, if you are willing to dig.




Pimp my Kid

4 Jul

Just what Palermo needs, a store called Pimp my kid.  Soho is so gangsta.

Boat sales skyrocket as Palermo goes underwater

20 Feb

Every time it rains a lot, the city shuts down. Road closings, the trains stop, subways come to a halt, buses change routes, floods, power outages, looting, murders, UTTER CHAOS!

OK, well the last two are exaggerations, but the rest are true. Yesterday it rained. And flooded. And the city shut down, again, second time in one week.

Here are some of the top headlines:

Palermo bajo agua – Palermo Under Water

Cruzan Santa Fe con sogas – Crossing Santa Fe (Avenue) with rope

La Ciudad vuelve a inundarse – The City Floods, again

Caos en la ciudad – Chaos in the City

La Ciudad en emergencia – The City In Emergency

All pics from Clarin.com

Who needs to go to the Wisconsin Dells to ride the Lazy River???

And of course how could I forget the Tsunami in Palermo (Thanks Kaminoo for the reminder)

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