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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in 2011

30 Dec

It’s the end of the year, a time to reflect on the past year’s events, wish loved ones a happy year to come, and bestow onto Mother Earth millions of tiny pieces of papers.  No, the photo above is not a sad attempt to simulate the holiday season’s snow.  According to Argentine tradition, on the last work day of the year it is customary to throw all unneeded documents out of the window to create a fresh start for the following year.  This ritual, similar to that of an angsty adolescent graduating from primary school, is one of the more silly spectacles I have witnessed in this country.

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Not to make a whopping generalization about an entire group of people, but porteños aren’t the most environmentally sound individuals.  The downtown remains littered for the days following the grand tossing of papers, apparently cleaning up the wasteful mess isn’t part of the tradition.

Maybe Jack Johnson should hold a seminar on The 3R’s…

Majority of the photos from TN.com.ar


Paying for a Nap

28 Jul
Photo courtesy of the Selfishness Hotel, killer advertisement pic

Contrary to popular belief, not all Spanish speaking countries take daily siestas. Unfortunately, Buenos Aires does not fall under that stereotype.  Praise to the sleep gods, Selfishness Siesta Hotel in the microcentro has taken the siesta to a new level.  While those of you who are familiar with a large number of bumping telos (loooove hotels) may be skeptical of the respectability, this siestario is legit.

At the Selfishness Siesta Hotel (check out video in English) nap enthusiasts can take a load off during a hard day’s work, choose some soft music, relax with calming fragrances, colored low lighting, and herbal tea – leaving refreshed and rejuvinated, all for only AR$130. If anyone is interested, I’ll charge only AR$20 pesos, make you some tea, turn on some music, and give you a cookie.

Look at these hot legs

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