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Why do songs sound better in English?

24 Apr

Infla la mermelada
Mientras tus pies golpean
Y la mermelada se infla mirala quiere saltar
No quiero
Un lugar donde dormir
Pone tu cola en el piso esta noche
Hace mi dia
Hace mi dia
Ha-hace mi di- hace mi dia
De- infla la mermelada inflala de infla, infla la mermelada
Infla infla infla infla infla

The Magician

22 Aug

You know you love the Jonas Brothers….

15 Jan

Here is a Personal (cell phone company) commercial promoting downloading those pop songs that you secretly love…

Argentine bank now grants loans to people who used to have a penis but now they don’t

30 Apr

Here is this new television advertisement for Banco Provincia, a popular bank in Argentina starring a middle aged transgendered woman.

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