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Romantic Weekend Getaway, In Rosario

9 Oct

Only a 3 hour bus ride away, Rosario is the 3rd largest city in Argentina with a population of over one million people, making it the perfect spot to slip away for a weekend outside of Buenos Aires.  What’s there to do in Rosario?

1. Visit the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera (National Flag Memorial) 2. Cruise the Rio Paraná visiting the tiny islands in the delta  3. $CASINO$ 4. Pick up a hot chica, Rosarinas are known as the hottest in all of Argentina. 5. Eat french fries 6. Take lots of pics. Continue reading


The Tale of the Broken 100 Peso Bill

4 Sep

For those who have spent more than a day in Buenos Aires know far too well the unexplainable, absurd obsession with money. I’m not talking about people who are money-obsessed, but instead the actual action of the payment method.  Think about all the rules associated with attempting to pay for something… the Great Moneda Crisis of 2007, coins only on colectivos, exact change at kioscos, no change in chinos, small bills to taxi drivers, fake bills from taxi drivers, ATMs spewing out broken money, fake money, monopoly money. It’s exhausting. Continue reading

Recuerdos of a Spanish Class

23 May

Wealthy Spanish/Mexican patriarch Don Fernando Castillo hires LA based shoulder-pad fanatic lawyer Raquel Rodriguez to travel across the world to investigate the truth about the presumed death of his first wife Rosario del Valle, Continue reading

Which one would you buy?

10 Feb

Hmm tough choice, AR$226.75 (US$60, and more than I make in a week) bottle of Grey Goose or a AR$12.45 (US$3) bottle of Argentina’s finest Hiram Walker vodka. WTF, why do imported items have to be so damn expensive?!

Pork Liver & Vegetable Cereal, YUM!

5 Jan

Look Alike Game

30 Dec

Even if you have no idea who this famous Argentine is (Carlos Bianchi, manager of Boca Jr fútbol team) you cannot ignore the fact that he looks exactly like the brilliant Larry David.

Coolest couple in the world

6 Dec

I’d rent an apartment from them any day.

Monkey Island fictitious "Grog" drink believed to be actually consumed by teenagers

22 Nov

Every morning before work, I turn on C5N channel not for the quality of the news, but for the ridiculousness. The segments tend to include.. Continue reading

Creamfields Suspended, Posters still up.

15 Nov

Despite the fact that Creamfields was indeed canceled, the posters are still all over the city advertising the event.

Maybe they should consider a new logo?

28 Sep

Chinese restaurants don’t have the best reputation when it comes the type of meat they choose to use. This restaurant’s logo doesn’t help break that stereotype…

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