Cool Runnings

24 Oct

Route 1: After work night time short run

Many are well aware than Buenos Aires is a great walking city.  Despite the narrow sidewalks, chimney smoking colectivos, and mountains of golden dog shit, this city also has great running paths.  In my attempt to motivate myself to get into shape, and my reluctance to join another gym because I will go once and never show my face again, I have mapped some of my favorite runs in the city.

Route 1 (Map Shown Above): Palermo Bosque Night Run 3K

Sunset on a night Palermo run


Even though it is dark, doesn’t mean it’s not safe to run outside.  Los bosques de Palermo are filled with people, running clubs, rollerbladers, walkers and personal training sessions.  Even though the circle can be a bit crowded, with some running in the wrong direction, it still is a beautiful run with the lake, planetarium, and rose garden scenery.  Make sure not to stay past 10pm, that’s when the trannies come out to play.

Route 2: Long weekend Palermo Run (10k)

Route 2: Bosque weekend run

The round about Palermo run can get a bit crowded on the weekend, filled with families playing fútbol, rollerbladers with no clothes on, hot bitches getting ready for summer thongs, and kids crazily riding around on bikes.  Run a bit further down Dorrego, crossing the bridge, and follow the bike and running trail towards the golf course where there is another roundabout with a lake in the middle – perfect place for a relaxing run.

Route 3: Recoleta Plaza Square, 5k

For some, running around in circles may be boring – travel to the parks near Plaza Francia and you will find plenty of exercisers running around the plaza squares, over and over again.  At first I was a bit skeptical, as running in circles makes me feel a bit guinea-pig like, but it’s another good option when you don’t have much time.

Route 4: Ecological Reserve Dengue Run

The Ecological Reserve is a nice area to run, just make sure to wear plenty of deet – those mosquitoes are killer.

Route 5: The Embassy Run 11K

This run passes through one of my favorite areas on Figueroa Alcorta, running by the Evita Museum, beautiful houses and lovely embassies.

For lazy asses like me, I’d highly recommend the iPhone app / podcast Couch to 5K.  A plan to get you off the couch and GRADUALLY running a 5k.  The first week there is more walking than running, something that is important for those who get winded after 2 minutes.  Plus, the whole workout only lasting for 30 minutes  Unlike the podcast version where the music consists of way too many electronic beats, the application version allows you to add your own playlist. And man can I make a killer playlist.

Other good running resources:

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