Springtime Family Fun: Bailando por un caño

17 Oct

You know you’re in for quite a treat when an Argentine television show becomes controversial for being too risque. TV in this country, infamous for huge titty close ups and even bigger thonged out ass shots (and ridiculous sound effects – boooooing!), may have to re-think the content shown during prime-time hours on public stations.  Debate arose last month as to whether the “Pole Dancing” night on Bailando por un sueño (It’s the local version of Dancing with the Stars) was too sexually explicit for the 9pm time slot, a time when many families sit together to eat dinner, talking about their day, and watch partially nude plastic surgery nightmares slut it up by having their partners pour champagne over their exposed chest.

Simulating soft-core porn too much for TV? What should the stations do to prevent these claims that the broadcast is verging on pornographic content? The answer, change the time slot by one hour to 10pm.  If Janet Jackson’s Superbowl Wardrobe Malfunction or Bono’s Grammy F-Bomb upset FCC officials, imagine what shit would go down if they had to deal with this content.

WARNING, this video is NOT suitable for children… except for little Argies who watch Bailando Por un Sueño with the fam:


**I attempted to post better quality footage of “El Topless de Nazarena Vélez.”   Unfortunately, Youtube removed the video with it’s tittay action as it VIOLATED YOUTUBE’S POLICY ON NUDITY AND SEXUAL CONTENT. Luckily, I found this trucho copy. Make sure you get to the 1:35 mark.

2 Responses to “Springtime Family Fun: Bailando por un caño”

  1. JP April 12, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    “paco’ed-out version” You owe me a half glass of beer and and probably a new screen for my mac :-)


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