Understaffed jail uses ball to resemble prison guard dummy, two inmates escape

21 Jul

Cast Away 2: Wilson the Prison Guard

Who is the poor guy who thought of this disastrous plan?  Prison guards in the Neuquén Province in Patagonia, Argentina had to find a quick solution to their lack of man power dilemma.  With the inspiration of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, guards created “Wilson,” a football with a guard’s cap, to guard the watchtower.  Yes, you heard right, a ball.

We’ve made a dummy out of a football and a prison officer’s cap, so that the prisoners see its shadow and think they’re being watched,” a source told the Río Negro newspaper. “We named him Wilson, like in the film Cast Away, and put him in one of the towers.”

Hoping Wilson would create the illusion that the inmates were constantly being watched, two convicted armed robbers managed to outsmart Wilson, and simply escaped to freedom by scaling a wired fence, merging into a crowd of departing visitors.

Prison staff said a lack of resources and underfunding meant that only two of the jail’s 15 towers had guards, so Wilson was placed in a third tower as reinforcement.  The list of nonsense doesn’t stop there, the search for the fugitives suffered a few problems after four officials were slightly injured after their police car crashed into a tree, in pursuit of the fleeing criminals.  Is it even possible to make up a story like this?

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