Health of a Nation: What’s Messi eating for dinner?

18 Jun

My favorite morning news channel, C5N, continues to report the latest breaking headlines.

In the health segment of Mañanas Argentinas, my dream boyfriend Dr. Cormillot and his crew of pelotudos (if I was British, I’d use the word wanker, but I’m not) discuss, in-depth, the Argentine fútbol team’s diet.  Argentina is playing awfully well so far, so what magic foods are they scarfing down?

Not surprisingly a diet that consists of the same shiat that every other Argentine eats daily, minus any form of vegetable

(No, puré de something fatty and a “Russian” salad are not considered vegetables*). What do they eat, you ask? Pasta, Milanesas, Meats, Ice Cream… oh ya, and 14 different types of salad. Sounds like a healthy, well-balanced diet to me!

*Vegetables aren’t common staples in the daily Argentine diet.  If it isn’t meat, and it is a starch with cream or mayonnaise, it’s probably considered a vegetable.

I bet fat Maradona ate a lot of Russian salads…

2 Responses to “Health of a Nation: What’s Messi eating for dinner?”

  1. they like salads June 29, 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    14 salads each meal? my hippopotamus is on the exact same diet!

  2. Kristin June 30, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Ok this worries me because I’m a vegetarian and will be spending a month down there. I already know to bring my own peanut butter though, lol

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