The Other Cemetery

15 Jun

I’m not quite sure at what point Chacarita cemetery was labeled the less attractive, undesirable cemetery.  Even though Chacarita doesn’t home the hot celebrities who have been laid to rest or the cool reputation and central location like Recoleta, I’d pick it as my cemetery of choice any day, if I ever have to choose a cemetery of choice.

The biggest cemetery in Argentina, this graveyard is a whopping 250 acres large, with street names and all… about 16 times bigger than the competition – beat that Recoleta!   After some extensive research at the UNofficial Chacarita webpage , I learned that Chacarita came to be all thanks to the yellow fever epidemic in 1871 when all the other cemeteries were at capacity due to the pesky cholera plague. You will not find the same crowds hovering over Evita’s tomb like in Recoleta, but you can leisurely get lost roaming through the endless mausoleums, and maybe get lucky to stumble upon Carlos Gardel or Jorge Newberry.

El Crematorio

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