Recuerdos of a Spanish Class

23 May

Wealthy Spanish/Mexican patriarch Don Fernando Castillo hires LA based shoulder-pad fanatic lawyer Raquel Rodriguez to travel across the world to investigate the truth about the presumed death of his first wife Rosario del Valle, and the child they had together. Raquel finds herself embarking on a world-wide journey to Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Puerto Rico in search of solving the mystery of the Castillo family. Does this telenovela story line sounds familiar? (Scroll down and click on VoD to watch your favorite Destinos Episode)!

How about LA high school student Jamie Gonzalez (not to be confused with Jaime, pronounced Hay-may) who embarks to Querétaro, Mexico during her summer vacation.

Jamie lives with a local family (with a dreamy “host brother” Carlitos) to find out more about her BISABUELA (great-grandmother) otherwise known as La Catrina.

If you have never heard of these two infamous Spanish class hits, you missed out,  amigo. Not learning how to dance the BAILE DE QUESO is clearly detrimental to young adolescents trying to tackle a second language, almost as important as having classmates with Spanish names like Nacho, Paco, Taco, Margarita, Macarena, Guacamole (all real names taken from my years in Spanish class).

This is one of the better videos I’ve seen in a while, fast forward to 1:59 to get to the good stuff!

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