Creamfields 2009?

1 Nov

For those who have never heard of it, Creamfields is a huge music festival that started in the UK and has now grown to be a yearly festival in more than 10 countries. Creamfields began in BA nine years ago, and has become the event of the year for over 50,000 lovers of electronic music. They dance all day/all night long and watch world renown DJs work their magic. However, Electronic/techno/trance has never been my thing. For some reason, I’ve always associated it with tight shirt – sunglass inside/at night – wearing, pill popping, euro-trash. But after living in BA, this music is nearly impossible to avoid, since it is played at the majority of the clubs. So against my will, I have grown to tolerate it.

Creamfields was supposed to take place this Saturday, November 7th in Palermo. Tickets have been sold to over 40,000 people, and international DJs have been booked — not to mention the excitement of thousands of fans in anticipation of this rapidly approaching day. However, the one thing that organizers forgot to do is obtain a permit from the government (Waynes World all over again!). But unlike Waynestock, the local government is not going to allow the festival to take place this Saturday. How can this be the biggest electronic music festival in the world, and a week before the event there is still doubt whether it will take place? Worst of all, the organizers of Creamfields, who have thus far made millions of dollars in ticket sales, have yet to make any statements. They haven’t updated their website, and they haven’t given the anxious ticket holders any information. Facebook groups instantly popped up with thousands of ravers wearing stupid emo haircuts – denouncing the government, but not the organizers. They are calling for a protest at the Obelisco, one of the most famous monuments in the center of the downtown area. I bet the cast of characters at this demonstration will be 100 times more entertaining than the actual festival…
“In case that on Monday we have the worst news, Sat, November 7 everyone is invited to the Obelisco! Friends of Creamfields, we are going to protest for our rights….Please the only thing I ask is that you are not violent verbally or physically, we are all united for the same reason because we are peaceful people”

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