Day light savings time? No thanks.

10 Oct

Controversy has erupted among some of the provinces in Argentina – whether or not to change the clocks on October 18 for daylight savings time. It was my understanding that in spring many countries choose to move the clocks ahead not only to take advantage of long sun-filled days to perfect their tans, but it conserves a fair amount of energy.

Apparently, some of the local provincial governments – pressured by the gastronomical industry – decided that changing the clocks one hour would negatively harm the economy… according to the anti-time changing committee, people will spend too much time outdoors during the day which will cause the food and nightlife industry to suffer (even though prime restaurant time doesn’t peak until 10:30pm, and bars even later). So, basically, a group of rich restaurant owners don’t want the rest of the whole Argentine Republic to enjoy an extra hour of daylight because they would lose a couple pesos, and the government listens.

The provinces of Mendoza, Santa Fe, Catamarca, Salta, Chubut, Neuquén and San Luis all decided against the change – imagine it is 7:00 in New York and Illinois and 8:00 in Wisconsin and California…

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