Short, curly, black hairs…

3 May

There are some advantages of living on the bottom floor of a 10- story apartment building. If there is ever a fire, you are first to leave. Also, there’s no buzzer system, so I have to manually open the door for people when they come/go – this would be very annoying if I didn’t live on the bottom floor. I have two patios – one with a lovely plant, the other to hang all my laundry. Those are about the only good things… on the downside there isn’t the greatest amount of natural light (it is ALWAYS night time), little critters (fire ants, cucarachas, spiders) tend to hang around the bottom floor, and whatever junk the people throw out their windows goes directly onto my patios… normally it is just cigarette butts, food wrappers – but yesterday someone threw a fun toy for Cholita to play with…

Close up…What do you think this is?

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